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New Rock stems from the need in 2008 of offering online all the products from the mark New Rock that you can find at the Official Shop located in the city centre of Barcelona on the street Tallers, 30.

This shop was set up in 2006 in close collaboration with the company New Rock.

Now you can find it with the name of Camden and its nameplate of Official New Rock Shop.

New Rock Barcelona(Camden) is one of the shops in Spain where you can find more models andmore variety of sizes of the brand New Rock.

New Rock Barcelona designs own patterns that you will hardly find on other websites or shops in Europe. This has contributed to open a website specializing in brand New Rock, so that people from other cities and countries can access to these models, and of course, to the whole catalogue and offers.

Our priority are the clients and it is the unique we focus. Somehow they (our clients) are theones who cherish and make us work depth just to improving day by day.

In the shops we have tried to transfer to our saleswomen and attendants the importance of customer treatment. This concept will be priority on this new website and we hope to improve it day by day. It is important that on a website the client knows that there is someone behind. The trust of purchasing on has all the guarantees, due to they are shops with many years in the market with a solid base both products in stock and in the human factor.

Thank you very much for visiting us.

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